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Madeleine L'Engle Dies

One of my favorite authors, L’Engle, has died at the age of 88.  

Thanks, Jordon, for highlighting this story covered on the CBC website.

I read her stories, read them to my children, read as many of her books as I could get my hands on and enjoyed them all.  She seemed like such a wise woman and her women and girl characters were always strong.  I guess her interaction with science was also fascinating to me. 

She taught  valuable lessons in her writing and her faith was an integral part of that.  She strengthened the notion in me that a Godly woman should be strong, intelligent and full of deep faith. 

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Round Two

Or maybe three, depending on how you count series of driving lessons.  Anyway, my kids are all done this stage in their lives; now I am involved in helping Massa and Yaounde to cross this hurdle. 

Today, Massa came prepared with his learners permit so we had them over for lunch and then we went out driving for an hour.  He is getting it.  By the end of the hour we were changing lanes on 15th Street with a certain amount of smoothness and confidence.  Shoulder checks were done well.  Signals remembered.  No accidents or even near misses.  Going well. 

Then coming in for the landing he forgot to look both ways himself as we drove across 4th.  He went by the movements of the other drivers – which worked out OK.  And since I was watching, I knew it was safe to cross.  But I had to point out to him that he has to know for himself that the way is clear; it is not enough to count on someone else to have checked for you.

We did this driving lesson mostly in English.  I think he may be ready for formal drivers trainning in English.  That would be a big help since my time in the evenings is sort of at a premium and they don’t get enough practice if it is just me practicing with them.  It would be nice if they could get theri licenses before snow falls.

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