Sipping Coffee

Tonight we had our first orchestra evening.  One can hardly call it a practice I guess, since we didn’t really play anything.  We just registered and picked up our first sheet of music to look at and I suppose practice.  It looks formidable!  There are some little squiggily lines in between the notes that I haven’t ever seen before.  One of the music teacher types told me she thought they were eight note rests.  And there are lots of switches between pizzicado(sp?) and arco which means some tricky bow handling will be needed.  We are thinking that someone should invent some kind of bow holster so the bow could be dropped on a notes notice and picked up again just as quickly. 

Anyway, we were all glad to see each other again after the summer and headed down to the Bison – which is now open on Thursday nights – for some more chatting over good coffee.  So we did. 

I am looking forward to this year of orchestra.  I don’t feel so totally incompetant this year as a bass player – even if I don’t know how to play those little squiggly rests.


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  1. Linea – re squiggly rests – often if you’re not sure how a piece of music will work the best thing is to listen to it first – find out how it flows, rhythms etc.

    On Sunday we had a song I’ve never played before, although I know it. The worship leader brought music, so I thought “Fine, just read for the first couple of times through”. The music however was printed in a way that made bars very unclear, so timing of chord changes from the music was way off. In the end just using the sheets as a guide I could feel where the next chord change would be and just follow what I knew of it.

    You may find this will help with stuff like that.

  2. Linea

    Toni, I think that is why our director gave us this piece of music first. We are going to need time playing it together to get it right.