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Winding down

Today I must head back home after four days at the lake.  Back to work on Monday.  I’m not sure I am ready for that but ready or not I have to get back to the office. 

I had no idea there would be any internet coverage up here – and there wasn’t over in the cabin I stayed in.  But here in the park close to the resort lodge the reception is fair.  So here I am, finishing off my last day at the lake by sitting in the park blogging.  What a great place to blog from.  The mosquitos are not even bad.  Of course I do smell fairly strongly of Eau de Deet! 

At the beginning of my time out here, I think I actually was sick.  i spent most of the day and night sleeping.  And in between using one of the tiniest little bathrooms known to man.  Seriously – airplane lous are hardly any bigger.  Can’t invite my hubby to share this cabin with me next year.  We’d have to upgrade to a place with a larger bathroom or he would get stuck in there the first day and there he would stay until the fire department arrived with the jaws of life.  Not much fun doing certain things when you are "large". 

I needed the sleep in more ways than one.  By yesterday I was feeling great.  Still took an afternoon nap though – in honor of the Siesta – a highly underrated event in northern climates.

Any way, I want to go back in time a bit.  The week began up at Besnard lake(and I will post some photos when i get home)  Early in the morning(5:00am) saw us heading out on the lake for some serious fishing.  The clouds hung down darkly hardly letting the sun come up at all.  But believe it or not, that was the nicest part of the morning.

We started out in a bay that I renamed "Mosquito Bay".  Incredible mosquitos.  So thick it was hard to see.  We had forgotten the mosquito repellant.  Got lots of bites but not enough from the fish to stay there long. 

We high tailed it out of there and headed further up the lake to some great fishing spots.  I don’t know how many fish we caught and released but the fishing was great.  we headed home with about four big ones at about 9 am.  As we headed back the rain began.  Those boats are not very comfortable when heading back at full throttle through the rain! 

We waited till the rain stopped in the afternoon and went back out.  Again the fishing was great. 

Later, I decided to stay at the cabin with the little ones so the two moms could have a good chance to do some fishing.  That began the storytelling.  Kieran’s favourite request became, "Tell me a story"  and then " tell me another one."  That was incredibly fun.  He has heard more stories of back in the days than my own kids I think.  And I hardly had to make up anything.  We had a great time.

The saddest part of the trip was the moment when Kieran’s Scooby Doo fishing rod sank to the bottom of the lake.  Why on earth do they not make those kids rods float?  After the shock of seeing it go and the tears, he was a bit comforted by his dad’s efforts to find it by casting out, letting his hook sink to the bottom and reeling in – to no avail of course.  The water was way too murky to see anything and its pretty hard to know where it actually dropped.  The lodge had a small rod in theri lost and found box that he used the next trip out.  He was so proud of himself for catching weeds with his hookless lure – and for not letting go of his new rod.  He was catching on pretty well to the whole concept of casting and reeling in.

What fun grandchildren are.

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Going fishing

I’ve got my gear, my rod and tackle, my hooks and jigs and tomorrow I am going fishing.

Dave and Annette and Kieran arrived this evening.  Tomorrow I think the plan is for them to load up the vehicle while I am off at church.  Then we head up north.  About three or four hours farther North there is a lake – Besnard Lake – where the fishing is exceptionally fine.  And the lake is rocky and beautiful.  A true lake of the northern shield. 

This is my Christmas gift from my son and I am going to enjoy it.

I will bring back some pictures which I will share.  The fish I will hoard for myself.

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This is maybe not the kind of vacation day I wanted.

I think my brain took a vacation today.  I forgot my dental appointment.  Totally. 

They called me a few minutes after the time – when it became obvious to them that I had forgotten.  I was in the middle of a day of babysitting Zaka, so scooped him up, got the car seat into the car, grabbed his Diego backpack and whipped over to the office. 

Loretta did the babysitting while I sat in the chair.  It was funny to see Zaka showing me his teeth after – mouth wide open.  Maybe it is a good thing to take the grandchildren along?? 

I am now living with a temporary crown, which is OK. 

The rest of the day – lunch with Leo, visiting our lawyer about wills, then to the walk-in baby immunization clinic with Zaka.

Immunizations at the Mac Mall

Zaka does not like the McIntosh Mall.  He was leary about going up in the elevator.  I could almost see his little brain warning him that he had been in this place before and it was not good. 

The toys in the room almost tricked him but the minute he saw the preparations and the alcohol swab touched his arm, his memory was triggered.  This was indeed the same bad place he could remember.  And he began to cry.  Huge tears rolling down his cheeks.  Screams. 

And poor grandma, holding him tightly to keep him from moving.  Four vaccinations – both arms and one leg. 

Getting him to go back down in the elevator was worse than going up.  I wonder if he will always associate elevators with immunizations?  I think it is maybe the only place he has been that has one.  He’ll probably grow up with a phobia of elevators.  Anbd I don’t think he likes needles either!

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Good News for Coffee Lovers

Since this was under the list of most blogged stories in the news, it is not likely news for coffee drinkers.  Still it does help to justify my coffee habit.  And three cups is about what my daily intake is.  So hats off to good research. 

And I don’t want to see a story refuting this anytime soon ! 

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Spent time in the garden today

I spent a good part of my day today in the garden. Somehow I seem more organized there.  Working in the house – well, it is hard to know where to start.  So I don’t. I put off the inevitable sorting through stuff that I must do some day.  
Maybe I will just leave it all for the kids to sort out some day.  Won’t they just love me for that!
I have one huge bag of weeds and other mauvais herbes to go out to the curb this week.  Likely I’ll have another bag filled tomorrow. 
I can see the soil under my rose bushes and I have picked off a bunch of old blooms in hopes that new ones will bud out. I even whipper snipped along the edges of the flower gardens and the edge of the deck.
Then I picked raspberries for our supper. I think I should have them rather than the birds.
The eating apples that did develop should be ready by the beginning of the week. Of course I will be away then.  That happens every year.  I don’t think I have any crab apples on the tree this year.  I vowed to chop it down last year. Maybe it was just a bad spring. I can’t cut the tree down on my own so it kind of gets left there – a sort of reprieve I guess.  

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And the events of today were…

Great.  Worship practice to start things off – 8:45

Then church.  Leo speaking.  He talked about a CBC program that brought up the problem of pastor abuse especially in congregational churches.  Unreasonable expectations, gossip, roast pastor. 

And he didn’t talk about the poor pastor’s families.  I think they often are victims too.

Anyway, I think we had a good morning. 

Then we went home, made waffles, and then were blessed with a visit from Kieran and Annette for a few minutes.  Then off we went to Christopher Lake. 

We got to the Nature area at Christopher Lake a bit late.  Today a sign was being unveiled dedicating the nature area to our old friend Lionel Roy.  We missed the long speeches but made it in time for the unveiling and some of the entertainment.  Former police chief Quinn sang a couple of songs.  He has a very nice deep rich voice.  And of course no dedication is complete without bagpipes.  They do sound good outdoors.

Then over to Tryntje’s for a huge barbeque – steak, potatoes, salads, veggies, and lots of desserts.  We ate too much, some of us drank too much and we had a good time together.

Then back home to a house full of people – well, just Dave, Annette, Kieran and Shaun.  And we are sitting around in the kitchen eating ice cream and me blogging.

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Wishing it could be

Jordon talks about third spaces in his neighborhood – the lack of them – and wonders what it would look like, what it would be like if churches opened up and became these spaces.  He links to this space.

I wonder if we could ever do that. 

Maybe when I retire I’ll open up a good coffee place at church.  We have the WiFi.  We have a cool and shaded patio/basketball court. 

Install a fireplace for winter.  Comfy couches. 

I’ve always imagined a coffee shop called "Cafe Bololo" which translated is Black Coffee.

I wonder????     I wish it could be.  I’d be over there right now sipping a cup and having good conversation.  Or maybe writing this from that spot.

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