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Today has been one of those days.  I was busy but in the big money terms it was not so hot.  Mostly of course that is due to the way we bill out the procedures.  But having one of my kids come in to have wisdom teeth out – well there is not much in it for me except hard work.
And today – the wisdom teeth I had to remove had weird roots and I really did have to work.  
So tonight I just feel very tired.
So tired that I had to send Grace out on an ice cream run.  I was too tired and I did feel as if I had earned my ice cream today.  I looked after Zaka and off she went – came back with my favourite – Pralines and Cream.  
I revived enough to write this post. Now I am off to bed, intending to read for a while.  Maybe a few minutes if I’m lucky.

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