Yeah, Now its nap time!

Well, that’s done. For now anyway.  
I just finished my second go at preaching as part of my opportunity/contribution to the roster that filled in for Randall as he went off to become rejuvenated on his sabbatical
Today was a curious mix of texts – Hebrews 12: 22 to 29, Luke 13:11 to 17, Psalm 103: 1-5 and a short part of the lectionary reading from Isaiah 58.  Amazingly they all sort of came together – being refined by God’s consuming fire till we reflect the mission of Jesus to the world.
I probably shouldn’t say this out loud but I have enjoyed preparing these two sermons; have even enjoyed the speaking.  And it seems as if each time God has shown up and used my words to encourage and speak to the people brave enough to show up even when Randall is not there to draw in the huge crowds we usually have with his fantastic and inspired preaching.   🙂
Really, I am thankful for this kind of opportunity. I am enriched in the preparation as well.  This sort of thing gives me an occasion to explore the scripture and listen to what God is saying to me as much as to anyone else.
But it is work – a different sort of work than I usually get to do but it brings it’s own sort of tiredness and with it relief when done.  So, in the tradition of all good preachers, I’m ready for a Sunday afternoon nap.

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  1. Randall

    I was praying for you last night when I wasn’t sleeping, so as it was you got good coverage.

    You might get to do it again!!

  2. Linea

    Thanks Randall.

    Just give me lots of notice and I just might be persuaded to do it again.