Vacations are always too short.

I suspect that being out of work would be no vacation however.
The things I enjoyed most of this vacation –
·        The summer intensive course in Chicago.  It was intense and not a resting time but it was stimulating and I was with good people.  Those days were filled with exploring places inside of me with God and with friends.
·        Fishing up north. I enjoy fishing; the repetitive casting out and reeling in are soothing to me.  And then the “bam” as the fish hits the lure. There is hope for that sensation with each cast. Hope for a really big one this time as you reel in.  
·        The beauty of the north. This I experienced both while fishing and during the few days after that I spent at another lake.  The farther north, the greater the beauty of the lakes.  Besnard has so many islands and rocks. I did promise picture didn’t I?  Well they will come but I have been busy with other things and my photos are still on the camera.
·        The quiet of the cabin I stayed in at Anglin Lake.  I need every now and then to be alone.  And I needed to just sleep. So I did and no one needed me to make meals or anything.  I needed that time.
·        Time spent telling stories to Kieran. That was just plain fun.  The stories just flowed out. Funny that my experiences have now become stories to tell my grandkids.  
What I enjoyed least – that vacation had to come to an end so soon.  I know it was a month but it went by too quickly.

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