This is maybe not the kind of vacation day I wanted.

I think my brain took a vacation today.  I forgot my dental appointment.  Totally. 

They called me a few minutes after the time – when it became obvious to them that I had forgotten.  I was in the middle of a day of babysitting Zaka, so scooped him up, got the car seat into the car, grabbed his Diego backpack and whipped over to the office. 

Loretta did the babysitting while I sat in the chair.  It was funny to see Zaka showing me his teeth after – mouth wide open.  Maybe it is a good thing to take the grandchildren along?? 

I am now living with a temporary crown, which is OK. 

The rest of the day – lunch with Leo, visiting our lawyer about wills, then to the walk-in baby immunization clinic with Zaka.

Immunizations at the Mac Mall

Zaka does not like the McIntosh Mall.  He was leary about going up in the elevator.  I could almost see his little brain warning him that he had been in this place before and it was not good. 

The toys in the room almost tricked him but the minute he saw the preparations and the alcohol swab touched his arm, his memory was triggered.  This was indeed the same bad place he could remember.  And he began to cry.  Huge tears rolling down his cheeks.  Screams. 

And poor grandma, holding him tightly to keep him from moving.  Four vaccinations – both arms and one leg. 

Getting him to go back down in the elevator was worse than going up.  I wonder if he will always associate elevators with immunizations?  I think it is maybe the only place he has been that has one.  He’ll probably grow up with a phobia of elevators.  Anbd I don’t think he likes needles either!

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