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Spent time in the garden today

I spent a good part of my day today in the garden. Somehow I seem more organized there.  Working in the house – well, it is hard to know where to start.  So I don’t. I put off the inevitable sorting through stuff that I must do some day.  
Maybe I will just leave it all for the kids to sort out some day.  Won’t they just love me for that!
I have one huge bag of weeds and other mauvais herbes to go out to the curb this week.  Likely I’ll have another bag filled tomorrow. 
I can see the soil under my rose bushes and I have picked off a bunch of old blooms in hopes that new ones will bud out. I even whipper snipped along the edges of the flower gardens and the edge of the deck.
Then I picked raspberries for our supper. I think I should have them rather than the birds.
The eating apples that did develop should be ready by the beginning of the week. Of course I will be away then.  That happens every year.  I don’t think I have any crab apples on the tree this year.  I vowed to chop it down last year. Maybe it was just a bad spring. I can’t cut the tree down on my own so it kind of gets left there – a sort of reprieve I guess.  

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