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And the events of today were…

Great.  Worship practice to start things off – 8:45

Then church.  Leo speaking.  He talked about a CBC program that brought up the problem of pastor abuse especially in congregational churches.  Unreasonable expectations, gossip, roast pastor. 

And he didn’t talk about the poor pastor’s families.  I think they often are victims too.

Anyway, I think we had a good morning. 

Then we went home, made waffles, and then were blessed with a visit from Kieran and Annette for a few minutes.  Then off we went to Christopher Lake. 

We got to the Nature area at Christopher Lake a bit late.  Today a sign was being unveiled dedicating the nature area to our old friend Lionel Roy.  We missed the long speeches but made it in time for the unveiling and some of the entertainment.  Former police chief Quinn sang a couple of songs.  He has a very nice deep rich voice.  And of course no dedication is complete without bagpipes.  They do sound good outdoors.

Then over to Tryntje’s for a huge barbeque – steak, potatoes, salads, veggies, and lots of desserts.  We ate too much, some of us drank too much and we had a good time together.

Then back home to a house full of people – well, just Dave, Annette, Kieran and Shaun.  And we are sitting around in the kitchen eating ice cream and me blogging.

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