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A day of paying bills, visiting my aunt, visiting with my boys who came up for travel immunizations.

It was good to spend some time without being rushed between work and obligations.  I wonder if I will have enough time to catch up on this kind of spending time on people.  And there are a lot of other things I need to catch up on too – like the cleaning out of the storage room, the garage, the basement, my room, the packed up kitchen boxes that still wait. 

I guess there will always be more work than time.  And when I am on vacation, I waste time just puttering around aimlessly some days. 

But I got a real good start tonight on one of the papers I must have in to finish off my summer class.  And the books I need for the next part are ordered.  Began to investigate some of the other arrangements for the class coming up too.  We are a small and backward town when trying to hunt down certain things – like experienced people in what has been an little known calling.  Trust God has some plan in mind here…

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