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Announcing the birth of my latest grandson – Ronin Marcel Karagyozev!  Is’nt he cute?  Here he is just freshly born – at 1255 yesterday noon.  7lb’s1 1/2 oz, 21 inches long. 

Mom had a hard labour but did it! 

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Sounds as if…

Hmmm.  Contractions are about 5 minutes apart it seems.

Sounds as if I have another grandchild on the way.

I am waiting for another call to see if this is for real (it sounds like it is) and then I will be off to Saskatoon.

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Today has been one of those days.  I was busy but in the big money terms it was not so hot.  Mostly of course that is due to the way we bill out the procedures.  But having one of my kids come in to have wisdom teeth out – well there is not much in it for me except hard work.
And today – the wisdom teeth I had to remove had weird roots and I really did have to work.  
So tonight I just feel very tired.
So tired that I had to send Grace out on an ice cream run.  I was too tired and I did feel as if I had earned my ice cream today.  I looked after Zaka and off she went – came back with my favourite – Pralines and Cream.  
I revived enough to write this post. Now I am off to bed, intending to read for a while.  Maybe a few minutes if I’m lucky.

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Yeah, Now its nap time!

Well, that’s done. For now anyway.  
I just finished my second go at preaching as part of my opportunity/contribution to the roster that filled in for Randall as he went off to become rejuvenated on his sabbatical
Today was a curious mix of texts – Hebrews 12: 22 to 29, Luke 13:11 to 17, Psalm 103: 1-5 and a short part of the lectionary reading from Isaiah 58.  Amazingly they all sort of came together – being refined by God’s consuming fire till we reflect the mission of Jesus to the world.
I probably shouldn’t say this out loud but I have enjoyed preparing these two sermons; have even enjoyed the speaking.  And it seems as if each time God has shown up and used my words to encourage and speak to the people brave enough to show up even when Randall is not there to draw in the huge crowds we usually have with his fantastic and inspired preaching.   🙂
Really, I am thankful for this kind of opportunity. I am enriched in the preparation as well.  This sort of thing gives me an occasion to explore the scripture and listen to what God is saying to me as much as to anyone else.
But it is work – a different sort of work than I usually get to do but it brings it’s own sort of tiredness and with it relief when done.  So, in the tradition of all good preachers, I’m ready for a Sunday afternoon nap.

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Vacation Photography


This is one of my favourites from this summer.  I have some sets of photos on Flikr of Besnard Lake, Summer vacation and of my trip to Chicago

Finally got them a bit organized. 


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Soul Detox

This summer I became conscious of God’s love in a new way. 
For those of you who try to reach some level of communication with God, you will know what I mean when I say that there are times when God just doesn’t seem to communicate back.  This was the case for me for, well for most of the months of May to July.  I know that my busyness raises up obstructions to the sort of communication with God that I would really like.  And so the busyness and awkwardness of living in a house being renovated began to get to me. It occupied so much of my time and energy just living, trying to make meals and dodge obstacles that I was worn down.
If you can, imagine a large room.  Then add to the room a whole truckload of junk, twisted and broken and dropped right in the middle.  The pile of stuff was not so high that I couldn’t see over it but there was enough of it that it kept me from crossing the room.  At least not without doing something pretty drastic with the junk.  And in that same room, on the far side, against the wall stands Jesus.  He is not half so upset about the junk in the middle as I am for some reason.  So, he just stands there waiting patiently – for me to make some sort of move I guess.  Or maybe to start clearing away the stuff so we can reach each other.
Something in me just did not seem capable of doing anything to bridge that distance between us. I think I was hoping that God would just sort of snuff out the junk; do one of those room makeovers while I was out or something.  But he just waited.
Then I went away to Chicago for the second summer intensive course for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction. I was hoping that the week would be good; that somehow I would experience the closeness of God again.  Here I was, feeling way more distance from God than I wanted.    One thing a spiritual director must be able to do is sense the hand of God in another’s life, sense where God is moving people and be able to listen with another to the activity of God in their life.  How could I listen with another when I couldn’t seem to hear God very plainly in my own life?
I would have to liken the summer intensive of this summer to attending a spiritual detox centre. It was good for my soul. I guess I detoxified from the renovation stress, from the work stress and from a bunch of the other stresses that made up that pile of junk in my room where God was.  My fellow students, in listening to my stories, became a part of my remedy.  
Then, to my surprise, God moved across the room.  The stuff was just not there.  In fact, that morning, in vision-like imagery, he came running towards me with arms outstretched, lips puckered up like a little child who delights in his grandmother for no other reason than that she is there and he loves her.  And she delights in him because he loves her and asks only for her love in return.  The image came to me so vividly and was such an exquisite moment that it has become the most valued treasure of my summer. 
My grandchildren continue to remind me of that treasure as I knew they would.  I believe they are not only a reminder of the fact that God loves me just because I am his but are in themselves a gift to be treasured and loved.  

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Vacations are always too short.

I suspect that being out of work would be no vacation however.
The things I enjoyed most of this vacation –
·        The summer intensive course in Chicago.  It was intense and not a resting time but it was stimulating and I was with good people.  Those days were filled with exploring places inside of me with God and with friends.
·        Fishing up north. I enjoy fishing; the repetitive casting out and reeling in are soothing to me.  And then the “bam” as the fish hits the lure. There is hope for that sensation with each cast. Hope for a really big one this time as you reel in.  
·        The beauty of the north. This I experienced both while fishing and during the few days after that I spent at another lake.  The farther north, the greater the beauty of the lakes.  Besnard has so many islands and rocks. I did promise picture didn’t I?  Well they will come but I have been busy with other things and my photos are still on the camera.
·        The quiet of the cabin I stayed in at Anglin Lake.  I need every now and then to be alone.  And I needed to just sleep. So I did and no one needed me to make meals or anything.  I needed that time.
·        Time spent telling stories to Kieran. That was just plain fun.  The stories just flowed out. Funny that my experiences have now become stories to tell my grandkids.  
What I enjoyed least – that vacation had to come to an end so soon.  I know it was a month but it went by too quickly.

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