Just trying my hand at something that might work as a song.  I have a tune in my head.  Maybe I will try some composing too.
O, Lord
You’ll always be
A mystery to me.
A God of power and might
Protecting me,
And with your Mother’s arms
You carry me.
When I am lost
I will be found in you.
O, Jesus
Teacher, friend            
My life’s example be
Your passion for our love
Amazes me.
That you would come to us
In human flesh
And die to buy
Our freedom with your life.
Oh Spirit
Come and be
Christ’s living breath in me.
Wisdom of Heav’n, your pow’r
Bestow on me.
Give me a heart of love
Nurture in me
The kind of care
That draws the world to you.
Let us return to you
Let us worship you
Transform our lives
Fill us with love
And send us out as light into the world.

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