God In The Room

This morning my patient came in for an extraction on the recommendation of a specialist in town. She had an extra tooth and it was in the way of her permanent one that was trying to grow into its proper place. 
I’ve seen this little girl for several years. Terrified.  We began with sedation, got all her work done and have pretty well maintained her in a cavity free state for the past five years. So, it has been a long time since we had to give her “the needle.” That dreaded needle. Today was not a day that she was looking forward to.
Her dad knew that this work had to be done. She really knew this too but didn’t want to know it at all. It looked as if we were going to have to restrain her for the worst part – that needle. There were tears – lots and hands trying to get up there over her mouth.
Then Dad said, “Give your fear to Jesus, honey. Let him take care of it.” And he began praying the “Our Father”. Almost immediately, she began to quiet down. Her breathing became regular and quiet. She was calm. She was wonderful.
I needed that. 
Sometimes I wonder where God is in my day.  I get busy. Patients have lots to deal with and I muddle through attempting to live out my faith as I care for my patients.  Often I will pray as I work but this was the first time a patient and dad prayed right out like that. 
It was kind of cool actually. This was like God right there holding her hand, larger than life, right there in the room. 

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