I received this e-mail this morning.  Please stop for a few moments and pray for the families of these young people and for the church in the Congo. 

Wasolo, Congo DRC 
Members of the Covenant Church in Congo (CEUM) reported from the Wasolo Region that a tragic accident occurred Sunday afternoon (May 20, 2007).  A canoe carrying youth choir members returning from a "Big Sunday" celebration was buffetted by high winds, causing the boat to sink and drowning 18 people.  The accident occurred on the Uele river approximately 15 kilometers east of Wasolo.   Witnesses to the accident and subsequent recovery of the bodies report that 15 of the victims were young choir members, many ranging in age from 10 to 15 years.  3 adults, who typically serve as choir sponsors on events such as this, also perished.  Bodies of the victims were recovered on Monday, May 21.  A leadership team, lead by CEUM Vice President Mawe, from the headquarters of the CEUM in Gemena is reported to be on its way to the Wasolo Region to assist with the aftermath of the accident.  The victims are reported to be from the villages of Kongba Bema, Yu Yu, Ingwa, and Mbalo.  Reports of the accident came via cell phone from Yakoma.  Please pray for the CEUM Wasolo Region, including the Pastor Responsable,  and the families, parishes and villages of the victims. 

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