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Speaking for the voiceless

Last night my sister and I were talking after supper, planning what we will do today.  She and her husband have gooten involved in the Sudanese community in Calgary through tutoring and through connections they made with Sudanese refugees while they spent their year in Eygypt. 

Right now they are planning for the trip to Calgary by a friend of theirs, Joseph (and I do not even know his last name); finding a place for all the Sudanese Christian communities in the city to meet and hear him and all the logistics that go with large gatherings of people.  Joseph is an Anglican pastor and is presently involved with the Sudanese governement at some level. 

Today I will get to meet some of her friends both Congolese and Sudanese.  I brought along a couple of dental mirrors to make myself useful, even though I can’t do anything more than just look. 

Last night she gave me a small booklet called 30 Days of Prayer for the Voiceless: addressing global issues of gender based injustice.  It is a little book bound to make a big impact.  You can’t even look at it without being affected.  She is going to give me a few copies and I will find some way to use them.  The organization Raise Their Voice has a website as well www.raisetheirvoice.wordpress.com   I encourage you to visit it but watch out – God may speak to you rather loudly through it.

Mother’s Day is just past.  I can’t think of a better way to honor women around the globe than to work for justice on behalf of the many voiceless women – women who don’t even know they are entitled to a voice.

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