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May Long

I’m packed and ready to go.

My girls always refer to this weekend simply as "May Long"  In the past they have always felt a bit cheated if they didn’t get to do something fun – like go up to the lake with friends.  In actual fact, this is the one weekend of the year that no parent in Saskatchewan really wants their kids to take off to the lake with friends.  It seems each year there is a group of rowdy teens that trash one of the parks.  A pretty stupid thing to do.  Obviously the kids who take part in the vandalism are not in a deeply thinking state of mind.

But tomorrow morning I head off to Strathmore, AB with a car full of junior high kids or a bit older helpers for Jr High Jam, our church junior high retreat.  We will be packed into our vehicles about as tightly as can be but who wants to take more vehicles than needed with the price of gas as high as it is. 

If anyone’s legs cramp up, I’ll stop and let then run around the vehicle a few times and then on we will go. 

I think it will be a tiring but fun weekend.  The kids will have a good time.  And hopefully will learn some important things about God.  They may learn more in the car than at the retreat depending on the conversation and all. 

Sara is going with me.  She will get to see some cousins. I will get to see my sisters. 

My little sister turns the big 5-0 this year so we are going to have a sisterly get together.  We can compare our old husbands and other worn out parts we drag around with us.  We will eat something really good and have a good long talk.  We haven’t all been together since – well, I guess it was Dad’s funeral.  This occaision will be a bit more on the light side.  Should be fun. 

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