Art that makes your heart sing

We had, as part of our annual conference, a display of art – both paintings and photographs – done by the members of the congregation. Art can cause in us a sense of worship and wonder. In his image, we are called to create even though the beauty we create is small in comparison.  Art that I really connect with, and it does not have to be “religious” art at all,  brings me onto the presence of God
It seems that art tempts
With longing those
Deeper places of the heart
Where song begins,
As do those spaces
Of open air, with sky
Blue as ocean.
One stands before it
Hanging inert, passive, and
The song begins
Calling to the spirit,
Singing the mind awake
To beauty. 
The creator brought it all from
Nothing. We, imitators,
Make do with paint and film.
Pleased when in response
Your eyes sing
Notes of beauty to your soul.

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