Another one of those crazy busy days

….leading into an even crazier busier weekend.

Leo is off on one of his cross Canada tours.  In Ontario right now.  That actually frees up some time.  My meals get sort of skimpy bordering on fast food.  Cause I have lots to do.

Today started out with another very difficult procedure that took two hours instead of the scheduled one.  What a start to the morning!  Then working hard to catch up all the rest of the day.  We had by noon so thank you to the one patient who did not show up. 

Then home and music lessons.  Packed up all my recipe books before the lesson while I was making supper. 

Then after lessons, packed up the stuff in the main floor bathroom cupboards.  Took a huge bag of junk out to the garbage.  The cupboard was long overdue for a thorough overhaul.  And then up to the loft to see what things look like up there and began to clean that space up for our guests coming for the Canadian Covenant Annual Meeting.


I think I chose a crazy time to begin renovating the kitchen.  I have to have everything out of it by Monday morning.  My guests leave on Sunday.  But we have to fit it all in before landscaping season starts for David who is doing all the reconstruction work but the cabinets.

I suppose we will all survive.

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  1. In my experience, no time is a good time to renovate a kitchen… but, yes, here’s to living without a stove, in order to later live with one you will be better pleased by.