Hard up for entertainment

This weekend we had a death in the family.  Our washing machine has been in our home for a little over fifteen years.  Used pretty much every day.  It hasn’t broken down much until this last year.

Thursday night it died for good.  I think the motor just wore out.  Bad noises and bad smell – like hot metal or rubber or both.

We decided it was time to replace it.  So we got one of those fancy front loading pairs.  It has more control buttons than the VCR or DVD.  No remote.

This morning Leo informed me that he was going to come home at noon and watch the DVD instruction video that came with it; then put in a load.

I told him we were hard up for entertainment when we had to resort to watching this flick!  He’s pretty excited about his new toys!  šŸ™‚

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  1. We sold our washer and dryer with our house and my parents bought us and my brother and sister-in-law each a new set of front loading machines (on clearance at Sears, and so they could get their “Seniors Rewards” points while the dividends were still good). Ours is sitting at my parent’s house waiting for moving day, but when my brother got his delivered, I guess they sat there with their two kids and watched the first load go through! Yes. Entertainment.

    I’m really looking forward to the new machine, as it’s similar to the one Marc’s folks have — and the stuff comes out of the washer almost dry!!!! So, for this long-torsoed family who puts no shirts in the dryer, my life will be much easier!