The goodness of this Easter

It was a good Easter.

That sounds a bit trite I guess, but Easter is good.  It is a celebration and it brings good into the realm of possibility for us.

So today was just good in many little ordinary ways. 

The Sunrise service.  The freezing cold morning – so clear.  Everyone coming in for hot drinks and buns to our home.

The worship service.  It is usually good but having a son there who hasn’t been for a long time drumming with our worship band made it good in more ways than just good music.

And then thirteen or so people for dinner.  Turkey, ham and all the stuff that goes with it.  Good food and good company. 

Celebrations should be like today.


And I know I have used good way too many times.  But today was – good.

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  1. Sara!

    heymom whats up? I thought thiswould be the sheepest way to talk to you!! ahaha Well im hvaing lots of fun Thailand is awesome!!! Im spending lots of money ahahahha

    well i better get going I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS!!

    bye bye

  2. Linea

    Sara – Great to hear from you. I’ve been checking MSN at all hours to see if you were logged in, but haven’t caught you on line yet.

    We missed you with us at Easter. Glad you are having a great time.

  3. Ya, his drumming really sounded great — and it made my job just a bit easier!!

  4. I really enjoyed the drumming. And I noticed my little drummer boy taking notice too.