Good Friday

The service at St George’s was very small. About one third Covenanters. 

I overheard a couple of women in the row ahead of me whisper their disapproval of the way the day is treated by the commercial establishments in town.  They do not even bother to wait till noon to open on this,one of the most holy of Christian holy days. 

But there we were – just a few of us to be sure – and the Spirit of God was among us. 

I like that service – reading the passion account together. Participating in an ancient liturgy. Kind of gives a sense of continuity to the faith.
The sermon was good, reflective. Brought us to consider forgiveness and what a strong theme this is in the Christian faith.  And of course we have the possibility of forgiveness only because of what Christ did for us on this day –  Good Friday.  He gave us his own self; God gave us a way out of our sin once and for all time.  
I liked that we were given time to simply reflect on the cross.
Of course the singing could have been stronger. The key the songs were written in sure could have been lower.  But I think God was honoured by it. He didn’t make us all perfect singers and we just sang as our voices permitted.

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