A Visit

So there we are tonight, gathered around the table, reading the story of the days events; Jesus washing his friends feet, showing them one more time what it means to be a servant, and then leaving them with a meal to remember him by. And there sharing the table with us is a strange couple. Well, strange to us anyway. We all know each other so well and are so comfortable with each other and good friends. But none of us really know this couple.
They were hoping the church might have a loaf of bread and maybe some eggs they could get from our small food box that we keep on hand. 
All we had to offer them was a bit of bread and wine/juice.
As we went to prayer I found I could not give voice to my prayers.   My prayers, prayed out of my comfortable circumstances seemed petty. I know they are not but tonight as this couple raised their voices with prayers for their families, my heart cried out to God for love. Because it seems to me that it is easy to love people in the abstract and it is easy to love institutions and groups that provide for needy people, but when they show up in your midst it raises things to a whole new level. 
And I honestly don’t know if I love any where near the level required of me as a follower of the one who gave everything. So that is what I was praying for.
I didn’t know Jesus would visit us tonight in this form.

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