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You've Got to Love

…a patient who slips a handful of Lindor chocolate balls into your pocket as you do her dental check-up. 

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St Mary Senior A girls team placed third in their section with a bronze.

Way to go girls.  They beat Carlton they did!  That, being a close to home rivalry, may have counted for more than the bronze.

Now that basketball is over, the studying had better begin in ernest.  Not much time left in the year and Sara is working hard towards some scholarships – hopefully.

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It is Hoopla weekend in Regina. 

The St Mary Senior girls and guys teams are going as well as the Carlton Senior girls.  Three teams from PA is pretty good in this major invitational meet.  The girls won their seat in it last weekend at a tournament in MooseJaw. 

Sara is on her way and is pretty excited.

(Oh yeah- her boyfriend is on the boys team so they get to spend a weekend at the same tournament) 

Way to go St Mary Marauders!

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This song that goes around in my head

I have a David Crowder CD and one song has caught me.  It expresses something in me that I could never say in the same way.  So it goes around in my head – and I don’t mind.

You Are My Joy
And He set me on fire
And I am burning alive
With His breath in my lungs
I am coming undone
And I cannot hold it in and remain composed
Love’s taken over me and so
I propose the letting myself go
I am letting myself go

You are my joy
You are my joy
You are my joy
You are my joy

I need to catch my breath, I need to
I need to catch my breath, give me a moment now
I’m laughing so hard…

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58 years ago

That is a long time in human years.  In dog years, however, I would be absolutely ancient.  Probably be put down a long time ago.

Fifty eight years ago, I made two people very happy just by showing up and crying.

If I did that today, well, if they didn’t put me down they would certainly want to lock me away.

Isn’t age great!

Happy Birthday to me!  OK – to my kids – this is a clue to take me out, buy me a cake, buy me presents.  Do all three.  It is OK by me.

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That was some seminar/retreat!

This was exactly what I needed. 

For the purpose of bringing together the material I have been reading in books and what I have been working through in my mind on the topic of Women and Spirituality, this was a seminar like no other I could have wished for. 

I am not sure exactly what to do with the whole experience.  I will be processing it all for awhile. 

One thing for sure, Edwina Gately is a woman who has experienced the working of the Holy Spirit in her life.  She is gifted, incredibly gifted to do something her church will rarely allow her to do – preach.  She has stories to tell of the goodness and power of God.  She has lived out a life of devotion to God.  But she, being a woman, is rarely given a voice. 

We were priviledged to hear her. 

And today, for the first time, I partook in the Eucharist in a Catholic setting.  I was not an outsider – my faith made me belong.  That kind of topped off the weekend. 

Queen’s House   (there should be a couple of pictures here but I am having trouble with the uploader – so later)

– I think I will be going back.

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Going to Saskatoon

This weekend I am heading down to Saskatoon for a weekend seminar/retreat at Queen’s House, a retreat centre on the banks of the South Saskatchewan. 

The course I am participating in will fulfill part of the requirement for my personal study project – Women and Spirituality – for the Spiritual Direction course. 

Soul Sisters: Women Called to Connect,Bond and Heal in a Broken World


Edwina holds a Degree in Education and a Masters in Theology from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and certification asan HIV Counselor in the State of Illinois. Edwina founded Genesis House, a house of hospitality and nurturing for women involved in prostitution, and is currently writing, leading retreats for marginalized women. She serves as Mother Spirit for women in the Second Phaseof recovery from prostitution. She continues to give talks and lead retreats internationally.

I am looking forward to the seminar/retreat.  It will be good to get away as this has been a busy week.


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