One of the things I did today

I had an interesting meet up today with a guy who works with homeless/street people in this city.  He has purchased a building (well almost) and has set up a drop in centre.  I dropped in on the place today and he just happened to be in so I finally got to meet him.  We have talked on the phone but he wasn’t in the last two times I dropped in on him.  I brought in a box of dishes that have been sitting in my basement for just such an occasion.  They needed them and I didn’t. 
They offer anyone who drops in coffee and whatever they have on hand.  They have a free shower in the back that people can use and hope to have a washer and dryer soon.  They have a phone people may use to call for whatever reason.
And pictures on the wall – all the worst of Christian art – but definitely identifies them as Christ related.
They need a few things. Money. They need $3000 by May 1 to finish paying for the building.  That is a big need. They also need some cutlery. I guess the spoons go missing and they are thinking of switching to plastic spoons.  They also need a couple more old couches and chairs. They need more sitting room for those who come to the Bible studies on Sunday nights.
A laid back place. The sort of place that a street person would not feel out of place in.
While I was there one guy I knew walked in – George.  He was sober. That is good, especially for George.  
The other two that came in were pretty high.  Really looped on something. 
There is a whole other world out there needing love and needing healing.  Broken.
Not every one can do what Ray is trying to do.  God bless him and Hector. But I think there may be ways to help and I am going to try and look for some of the things I can do.

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  1. Where is this place? With the names you mention, I imagine that it isn’t the one in the old CBs next to the forestry center…

  2. Linea


    It is down by the WEE cafe, across from the Co-op.