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Things I have not liked doing this week

– Setting a working daughter straight – I was not going to pay for her hair just because she thinks I should.

– letting her grouch about the above and while she did that keeping my mouth shut.  I think she understood the point even if she did not like it.

– dealing with a patient with a low pain tolerance – for about three appointments in one week and not being able to majically relieve her pain.

– trying to explain to another patient that his tissues were just so fragile that he simply was not healing in the normal time (he has several medical complications) and that I, again, could not make the surgical sites heal faster.

– taking eleven teeth out for a three year old

– scraping thick plaque off a child’s teeth in the operating room so that we could see the surface of the teeth we had to fill, knowing that the fillings don’t stand much of a chance of lasting a year.

– refusing to remove all a patients healthy teeth simply because she wants me to.


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