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Density and Vitamin D

I am dense enough. 

I was scanned and I measure up to a normal female of my age I guess – bone wise.  In fact the lovely doctor said I had good bone structure.  That is good.  Some compensation for not fitting into the skinny little thing catagory. 

I also found out some things that I didn’t know.

Well, not that I didn’t know them but I didn’t "know" them in the sort of way that made me take the sort of action that I guess I need to take. 

I don’t want to become less dense – in bone terms.  Therefore, in order to protect my nice thick bones I need to be taking calcium and Vitamin D. 

The good doctor said that those of us that live in the northern parts need Vitamin D.  We start to lose energy by about Feb or March since by then we have depleted our stores that we saved up by exposing ourselves to the summer sun – if we have been out in the sun each day without sunblock for about 20 minutes.  The angle of the sun is so low that he said, "Even lying out under the sun for the whole day from Oct to April won’t raise the levels of Vitamin D enough to measure." 

I was thinking that frostbite might get one before the lack of Vitamin D.

But I will start to take the stuff diligently.  Calcium too since I am not a milk drinker.  In the hope of maintaining my present density.

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