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That was some seminar/retreat!

This was exactly what I needed. 

For the purpose of bringing together the material I have been reading in books and what I have been working through in my mind on the topic of Women and Spirituality, this was a seminar like no other I could have wished for. 

I am not sure exactly what to do with the whole experience.  I will be processing it all for awhile. 

One thing for sure, Edwina Gately is a woman who has experienced the working of the Holy Spirit in her life.  She is gifted, incredibly gifted to do something her church will rarely allow her to do – preach.  She has stories to tell of the goodness and power of God.  She has lived out a life of devotion to God.  But she, being a woman, is rarely given a voice. 

We were priviledged to hear her. 

And today, for the first time, I partook in the Eucharist in a Catholic setting.  I was not an outsider – my faith made me belong.  That kind of topped off the weekend. 

Queen’s House   (there should be a couple of pictures here but I am having trouble with the uploader – so later)

– I think I will be going back.

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