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Misadventures of the day

Today seemed to be a journey from one misadventure to another.  


We arrived at the hospital after stopping at Tim’s for coffee on the way – not a winning cup among them.  


Thankfully, we decided to check out the dental unit before putting the patient in the room.  Maybe there was some value in having the slowest anaesthetist in the place this morning.  The dental unit is attached to an oxygen tank that runs at 1700 psi through a valve that brings it down to 80 psi or so.  The valve blew.  That is a mighty big puff of air!  


Forty five minutes later, maintenance had the problem solved and as well promised to repair the other stand-by unit.  


All the kids ended up being bigger cases than we anticipated.  That is sort of par for the course.  A lot can change in the year or so that it takes us to get someone in to the OR for dental work.  


And then our anaesthetist, being on call, ran off to maternity to give some labouring woman an epidural – another 30 minute wait.  


Last case – in the middle, we blew an air line somewhere in the unit.  Thank God we had that stand-by unit ready to go.


Today we were not running to meet a deadline in the OR.  But, we had patients booked at the office at 1:30.  We made it back there by 2:30.


At 2:30, I had to deal with a patient who brought in a denture (hers, I guess) that some denturist had made upon her request.  She figured it was time for herself to have a complete upper denture.  She wanted me to take out all 11 of her upper teeth and fit that denture for her.  I asked if anyone had checked her teeth before she made this decision – No.  I suggested she think it over and perhaps come in for a check–up so we could see if she actually had any teeth that needed to be extracted.  


I am afraid I sent her home thinking I am totally unreasonable.  


And now to top off an mis – eventful day, I just burnt the pizza.

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