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From day to night – and sleep.

I am finally home after a long day.  Oh, I was home briefly after work – about 30 minutes.  Just enough time to organize the leftovers and tell people to heat up their own plate in the microwave of whatever they could scrounge.  Then I packed up my bass and headed off to Rivier to practice with the Prince Albert String Orchestra.  We are in the music festival next week. 

They are actually letting me play.  Sometimes I am not really playing the notes, you know.  sometimes the music just goes too fact for my fingers to get to the right spot on the  strings and I figure it is better to fake it than to play a really off tune note. 

I am getting better.  Not bad for having only played for 8 months.

I have to practice very hard this week.  And then keep it up till the year end concert on May 6.

After the practice there was a meeting.  There is not enough involvement in the organizations that make things run.  A lack of volunteers. 

Tell me about it!  I have spent the last 9 months or more rounding up volunteers to run our child care programs at church. 

Then I ran by the bank to deposit my pay cheque and then by my Aunt’s place to pay her rent. 

Last night I didn’t sleep well.  Leo must have some kind of nasal congestion.  He was snuffling and snorting a good part of the night.  I think I will head off to bed now and try to get a head start.  Maybe if I am already asleep before he starts making all that noise, I will get some sleep.

Good night all.

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