Women's Retreat 2007

Got back from the women’s retreat.  We drove out in a bit of a storm but I think we got to our destination well before the worst of it.  The lodge has a huge gas fireplace and we sat in front of it while outside we could see snow swirling around in the lights.  It felt cozy.


It was good to be there.  The weekend was relaxed and the theme was incredibly well thought out – what wasn’t thought out ahead and happened anyway – well God seems to have a way of making things come together sometimes. 

We learned about bridges – all kinds; over water, between people and between God and us.  Lauralea  and the committee she was on worked hard in the preparation and I for one don’t mind taking off my hat (if I wore one) to her creativity and hard work that helped pull off a fantastic weekend.  There was rest for our souls and food for our minds. 


Food for our bodies was also good – soft tacos, yum.  Ham and baked potatoes.  It was all good.


Melody McNeilly from the Salvation Army shared with us too.  She challenged us to get out there and start building bridges as well as some projects they are looking to start to do that – things we may be able to get involved in too.


I needed this weekend.  Last week was hard emotionally and I needed women that I trust and love for some extra support.  I’m glad God has given me friends like them. 


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  1. ShaornK

    Yes. Everything was not only just what I needed but so much more. Seems like I find another lost part of me every time I go there.

  2. Yup. It was a good weekend. We had a good committee; I couldn’t have done it myself, that’s for sure! But… I’m glad it’s done!

    Now we just want some Spring…

  3. Linea

    Yes, you had a good committee. I may just correct this post to mention them.