He Got It!

Over the past year or so, I have been collecting dental supplies to send out to the dental clinic at Karawa Hospital.  I even had a donation of dental extraction forceps from my dental supply company (Henry Schein Ash Arcona) through the guy we deal with all the time and his boss.  Shipping things out to the Congo is no easy matter.  It is risky to ship by any means and very expensive.  So getting connected with an old time Congoite ex-missionary (if one can be called an ex-missionary and still be so involved in missions) was an answer to prayer.  Shelon is Canadian, no less, works with Health Partners International and so that simplifies the whole shipping process.  He has found that the easiest and least expensive way to get valuable supplies out there is to make a trip out himself and hand deliver the stuff.  He takes little baggage of his own and ships many trunks as excess accompanied baggage.  So those time dated medications don’t outdate and he knows they get there. 

He made a trip out in Jan.  he is back and sent me this picture.

Songo, one of the men I trained, has received the trunk I sent. 

A picture is really worth a thousand words.

Sheldon plans another trip in May.  This time I can send some materials that I couldn’t send in winter for fear of them freezing.  Must buy another trunk.  Must order local anesthetic and some filling supplies. 

Anyone want to help, contact me.

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