Wild Dreams

Once Leo and I were lying in bed late on a Saturday morning.  He asked me if I would like him to make my wildest dreams come true.

“You mean we are going to remodel the kitchen!”  I replied. 

Not quite what he had in mind.  But here we are, only about 5 years later and we are going to do it!

Oops – I mean remodel the kitchen. 

This morning our preferred cabinet maker/designer dropped his proposed design off at my office.  I like it.  This is exciting.  I really want to get started NOW.

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0 responses to “Wild Dreams

  1. Come on Linea – I’ve actually MET you – I KNOW you have wilder dreams than a new kitchen.


  2. Linea

    Some of them are wilder maybe but this is something we have been needing to do and have put it off till now when we must do it in order to look after our home – and when we finally have the funds to do it without cutting into other demands on our funds.

    This feels good. And I am very excited about it. Come over and see it – should be done by summer.

  3. Toni

    That is SO tempting. But not this summer – plans are being fermented – maybe next.