The joy of friends

There is a good feeling that comes from entertaining friends. 

Today, we were in the middle of measurements for the new (hopefully) kitchen.  Sara is getting ready for grad pictures – that means hair.  For her this is a major issue and for any black girl with short, short hair who would like to have long flowing locks for grad, a major part of the preparations.  So a friend offered to do it for her.  This will save Sara a huge chunk of money and she will get what she wants.  These friends of ours live in Wakaw but needing to do some shopping, they drove the hour up here. 

They took off to get their shopping done, we had some things to do and we were all going to get together again around 4 pm. 

Leo and I had one of those rare Saturday afternoon coffee dates.  That was a lot of fun.  We took Zaka with us and he enjoyed one of Aunt Annie’s apple turnovers at the Bison. 

Made it home by 4 and no friends showed up.  At about 6 I began to put supper on the table and they drove up.  Ok – will my dish of cabbage rolls and perogies stretch to feed them – yeah, I think.  And I have bread.  We talk them into staying and lo and behold – in walk Eric, Michelle and Patrick.  Christian showed up a bit earlier in the day.  Now we will be eleven for supper instead of three.  So I pulled out some left over rice and curry leftovers and cut the bread.  It stretched just the right amount and we all had plenty.

It is good to have friends that are friends enough to do this kind of impromptu, no fuss kind of entertaining. 

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