Woke up this morning to news about the incredible snowfall in England.  So I popped over to Toni’s blog to see what he had to say. 

AHH.  He has pictures.

He rode his bike!!!  Broke the chain a few times.  Still that may have been easier than driving by the looks of the roads on the news.

Just as snow is unusual for England, we would be in a bad situation if we didn’t get it here.  It would mean something was seriously wrong in our climate world and we would fear for the dryness of the summer.

Then the news again catches my ear – one and a half meters of snow in New York State.  That would take some diffing to get out of.  I would definately stay home.  Of course I have a four wheel drive and I might be tempted to do something stupid like try.

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  1. 1.5M in New York!

    Now I REALLY wouldn’t try to cycle in that, but these guys might: