Living at a different pace

I have red and yellow eyes.  They do not hurt but the colour is almost enough to scare an innocent onlooker.  


So, I am a little self –conscious about looking people straight in the face these days.  It is bad when strange little children look at you and cry – well that hasn’t exactly happened.  In fact the little ones I am around the most have not mentioned it.  So that is comforting. 


This morning I had to take Grace’s car in to the shop though and the owner, being a patient of mine, wondered what happened to me.  It looks like Leo may have clobbered me in both eyes – if they didn’t know Leo, I look a bit battered.  So I have been doing a lot of explaining today – the guy at the shop, the guy who came to give me an estimate on kitchen renovations, the waitress.  The people in the stores just kind of look.  Gives them food for thought!


Today I set up the appointment to get the stitches out.  I an thinking that by next week I will be almost back to normal.


There is something restful about a forced break like this.  I am not “sick” as such.  Since Sunday, I have been feeling quite comfortable.  My babysitting duties are also over now so I can do some of those things I was saving up to do this week – the one that is now quickly coming to the half way mark.  I haven’t done half the things I planned but then I can tell myself I am sick.  So very little quilt.    Living at a different pace.  Its good.  I could get used to this.  

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  1. It is nice sometimes to have rest, even if it comes with a small price.