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Happy New Year

We celebrated. 


In fact tonight is the third day in a row when I have had guests.  True, most of them have been family – or at least on all of the occaisions, family was present besides other non-related guests. 

In a family where the kids are likely to drop by for a meal uninvited and unannounced it becomes difficult to think of them as guests.  They are usually treated as non-guests and get to help. 

Saturday – The meeting of the Congo Connection.  I think we ended up with about 35 to 40 guests in our home.  They came from PA, Saskatoon and Wakaw; parents and children; casually dressed and dressed in finery.  One little girl wore a light blue dress and had a white fur stole around her neck – Must be a princess,” I said as she walked in.  Later on she was running up and down the stairs with the rest, the stole forgotten somewhere.  It was fun but I, not being a night person, was very tired by 2:30 am when we got to bed. 

Sunday – New Years Eve.  I did not think we would invite anyone over but after a nap, we were ready to call some friends over and put out the leftovers from the night before, plus a few extras.  There really is nothing better than sitting around talking and watching comedy with good friends.  Some of our kids were there and Leo has been accused of trying to get Eric’s mother-in -law to consume more spirits than was good for her.

The kids were off in all directions – the younger ones that is.  I suppose you could say that Christian was working since being a drummer for a New Year’s Eve gig is what he was up to. 

This morning, we did not rise too early. 

Poor “of age” daughter learned a bit of a lesson about imbibing too much.  She had to work this morning and when she got up the room was still spinning, she said.  She also has to fork out a chunk of money to have a friends car cleaned.  She thinks she learned her lesson.  I hope.

Tonight another big meal – just roast beef.  The table was full again – but only one table of ten.  Auntie Florence came over to help us celebrate.  It was good for her to get out of the nursing home and nice to have her able to join us.  She enjoyed getting lots of hugs and kisses from Zaka.

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