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I don’t think I have ever seen an accident in progress.  Tonight it happened. 

I was driving up to Carlton High School to watch my “model” daughter model grad dresses – an evening organized by the school and some businesses.  As I drove south towards a busy intersection, a car in the lane beside me, maybe a car length ahead of me ran broadside into a van that was making a left turn.  Smash!  It seemed as if the driver of the car should have seen the van beginning to make the turn – I did and could see the accident about to happen.  I stopped in plenty of time.  I looked up and the light was red by then.  Maybe they both thought they could beat the light?  Maybe the driver of the car didn’t see the van?  It sure didn’t look as if any effort was made to slow or avoid the collision.

Fortunately, no one seemed seriously hurt.  Except the vehicles.

So, I left my name with the officer and promised to go by the police station later to make a statement.

I caught the first half of the fashion show and the second half of the church council meeting.  Then I drove downtown to dutifully tell what I saw.  I wonder if what I saw is the same as the others around the scene?

And if I succeed in lightening up some of the pictures I took, I will post some of my model daughter in some very beautiful (and I’m sure expensive) dresses.  But that will be for tomorrow.

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Snow Removal

One nice thing about blogging – it gives one a place to rant about pet peeves. So here goes.

Our streets seem to be littered with bright orange snow removal signs. This morning I almost ran overone that was lying flat on its face where I needed to park. I needed to park relatively close to the school I was visiting this morning, like within two blocks, since I had to trudge through the snow and I was not smart enough to wear my Sorels.

I know the sign has only been in its spot since the blizzard stopped – which is maybe two days. But in this town, it seems as if they put up signs for snow removal that have nothing to do with what is actually going to happen in the near future. I am sure that in the next few days or weeks or certainly before spring, the snow will be removed by the wonderful, hard working, city crews. But why not wait until they really mean it before putting out the signs? Then one could take them seriously and refrain from parking in those areas that would certainly be done that day and would, if you ignored their warning, leave the car buried under a graderload of snow.

End of this rant. I will see if I get away with parking in the same spot this afternoon!

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Psalm 86:11

“Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; knit my heart to you that I may fear your name.”

As I read this in the morning, I was reminded of both the intimate closeness and the great and awesome majesty of God. It seems a contradiction to talk of being knit to God – joined intimately, woven in as one of two threads, the other being God – and fearing God at the same time. Being out in nature reminds me of this often. I have a hard time understanding this; like trying to join a dichotomy in my mind. I know God’s spirit dwells in me and yet when I look at the power of the wind and snow in the storm like we had yesterday, I know that my God is also the creator of the weather including the fury of the storm. He seems too big for me to be knit to. I cannot contain him; I am too small, and yet he wants to reside in me.

He is truly a mystery.

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They were right this time

This time the weather guys were right on. We are having a blizzard.

It will be a quiet day at the office. It has been quiet this morning – only 4 out of 9 people came for appointments.

They have just closed the highway south of PA. The pain would have to be intense to bring anyone out in this weather. I just wish I could go home.

How would the patients feel if the dentist just didn’t show up, I wonder?

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We were discussing the fact that a woman we both know is interested and concerned for my daughter.

“Why would she be impressed by me and why would my story interest her? 


“Maybe because God loves you very much.  Have you ever thought about why you are here and not one of the millions of other kids struggling in Africa?”


“Yeah, I think about that a lot.”  Pause.  “I should pray more”


“Well, do you pray?”


“Not very often.”


“You pray when you are desperate don’t you?”


“Yeah.  And I guess my dance is a prayer sometimes.  Its what God made me good at.”

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Epiphany –this is the season


I got a call this morning, not so early as to wake me up but early enough to miss answering the phone before the third ring.  I then had to call back since I wondered what was going on that he needed to call so early.


There was a mundane reason.  He wanted someone’s phone number, someone who will be making a trip out to Africa soon.  


Then he told me of his epiphany.


He has realized that God sets him free.  He has realized that he does not have to bear the burdens of life for everyone in his family.  He has realized that yeah, his father really does love him – a lot.  There are a lot of things he is all of a sudden realizing – not that he didn’t “know” them but this is a deeper knowledge that is only earned through an encounter with God.


He wanted to tell someone.  He knows I pray for him, not just once in awhile but daily.  He wanted me to know.


I have no words for the feeling I have but it is there trying to bubble out.

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Help! Save me, O God.

“Save me, O God, for the waters have risen up to my neck.” Psalm 69:1


Now if that isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is.  This line from the Psalm was the Request For Presence part of the morning prayers from The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle.  It is used frequently throughout the prayers in all the seasons. 


How often it is my cry as well.  When we are immersed in life up to our necks, it is a good time to call out for help. 


This morning I spent some time calling out “save me” for friends and children.  Life can get very complicated, usually from something we have done that in retrospect was not great.  But life has this inconvenient factor of not having a rewind button.  We have this tendency to want to live in the constant mode of rewind or in fast forward.  Living in the now, giving each moment to God, letting him help us get through the present moments we have flavoured or tainted with our past decisions takes a certain amount of courage.  Especially when we are up to our necks in life and can’t see how we are ever going to land our little boats safely on the shore. 


So, save us God.  Give us wisdom to live well in the here and now and ride out these storms with us; these flood waters that rise to drown us. 

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