Pass the Calcium Please

Tonight I grabbed some fast food and headed out on the road down to Saskatoo.  Tomorrow I attend a Continuing Ed course of Treatment of the Frail Elderly in the Private Office. 

A timely subject, since my generation is getting up there. 

This, after seeing my doctor this afternoon in preparation for the little surgery I am having on my eye lids next Thursday.  My ticker still ticks just fine, my blood pressure is reasonable,  my weight is not.  Oh well.

Anyway, I mentionned to her that I seem to be having more problems with arthritis.  She looked at the little nodules developing on my finger joints and agreed with me.  Not that there is anything they can do about that.  And she looked at my feet which have been giving me some pain.  She had the gall to remind me that as we get older we tend to splay out a bit in the feet.

Wish it was just the feet.

So I guess I will be starting on some anti-arthritis meds.  Also will be sent for a bone density scan in the future – before I crumble. 

Maybe I will have to start taking this aging stuff seriously one of these days.

Pass the calcium please.  Oh yeah, slip me one of those little cholesterol pills while you are at it.

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  1. Yes, getting old… I was reminded of that today when the back phoned about RRSP contributions. The guy reminded me that I have only 37 years until retirement — a long time I know. But I’m almost 30 now, which means I only have half of my life to go. And in my mind, I still feel like grade 7 really wasn’t that long ago. Time flies and it takes our bodies with it. 🙂 Is it bad that my body can already tell when the weather is going to change?