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Feeling a little slow

Tonight I went to orchestra practice.  I suck.  There are some days when I wonder what on earth I thought when I joined this group.  Tonight was one of them.

Actually tonight I feel like I suck and besides my feet are tired from standing on a cement floor for 1 1/2 hours. 

I practice the songs – there are 8 or 9 that we have been working since September.  I can play them in the privacy of my own home — cause then I can go nice and slow.  Very slow.  Then I get to practice and hit about every fourth note — if it is an open string.  I do the open strings quite well actually. 

I know that I have improved a whole lot.  Remarkably actually.  When you start at zero you can only get better. 

I think I am at the level where now I know how bad I really am and how much better I have to get to make this instrument sound like it should.  I told one of my fellow bassists, “Next year I will be much better”  She insists that I am doing great and that she can’t believe how well I am doing.  I would like to believe her.  I will keep on.  

Maybe this is one of those learning plateaus.  Well, I won’t quit but I hope I do not make the whole orchestra look bad at the music festival and concert.

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