“Mom, pray for me,”

These are the words of a somewhat anxious grade 12 student beginning her exams today.  French and Christian Ethics. 

She studies hard and I am fairly sure she will do well.  Jitters. 

We all have the jitters over something in ife.  It is good to have God’s presence to count on in the anxious moments we face.

So, I lift her up and all those in the exam mode, that they might write their exams with a clear mind, remembering the material they have studied so hard – or not – as the case may be!

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  1. Truly hard to remember what we’ve never known, eh?

    Hope the exam goes well!

  2. Linea

    Truly 🙂

    However one can study hard or not. My girl has learned to study but the mind sometimes goes blank. Most disconcerting when it happens during an exam!