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Quick trip to Saskatoon then all that Jazz

Sometimes I enjoy driving.  I did today, just me in the car, listening to my music, thinking, enjoying the brightness of the sun on the drifts.  I decided to take a quick trip to Saskatoon to take care of some business, deliver some things to my kids, pick some other things up from them and pick up an original piece of artwork from my grandson.

Kieran drew me the Grinch.  I guess he all of a sudden started treating the Grinch (stuffed toy) as his imaginary friend.  He talks to him and even gets a dish of cereal for him in the morning.  I am honored to have the original drawing of him.  He has an orange head by the way.

I came back in time to pick up Massa and Yaunde and head over to Ecole Valois for a performance by Senaya, a jazz/blues singer originally from Senegal.  She was good.  And not only was her performance fantastic but the audience participation she stimulated was superbe.  She even got me and the two sisters that came up there dancing.

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