Pictures as promised

 I am sort of prejudiced but I thought Sara was the absolutely most gorgeous girl in the show.

This was one of the dresses she wore.  It was stunning and likely very expensive.  I’m glad she has already bought her dress – the dress she will wear for about three hours max!

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  1. SharonK

    Yes. Absolutely the most gorgeous. I do agree. (I know I didn’t see anyone else, but I do know your girl).

  2. I actually heard comments about that particular dress. People I talked to said it was the best in the show.

  3. P.S. The Carlton website has a whole photoset of the show at

  4. Linea

    Ian – thanks. I didn’t know that and the flash on my little camera was inadequate.

  5. Toni

    Now that is pretty darn good looking.