I don’t think I have ever seen an accident in progress.  Tonight it happened. 

I was driving up to Carlton High School to watch my “model” daughter model grad dresses – an evening organized by the school and some businesses.  As I drove south towards a busy intersection, a car in the lane beside me, maybe a car length ahead of me ran broadside into a van that was making a left turn.  Smash!  It seemed as if the driver of the car should have seen the van beginning to make the turn – I did and could see the accident about to happen.  I stopped in plenty of time.  I looked up and the light was red by then.  Maybe they both thought they could beat the light?  Maybe the driver of the car didn’t see the van?  It sure didn’t look as if any effort was made to slow or avoid the collision.

Fortunately, no one seemed seriously hurt.  Except the vehicles.

So, I left my name with the officer and promised to go by the police station later to make a statement.

I caught the first half of the fashion show and the second half of the church council meeting.  Then I drove downtown to dutifully tell what I saw.  I wonder if what I saw is the same as the others around the scene?

And if I succeed in lightening up some of the pictures I took, I will post some of my model daughter in some very beautiful (and I’m sure expensive) dresses.  But that will be for tomorrow.


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  1. This would make a good story about personal conflict too… how many times do we drive on, even when we know we’re about to crash? Do we think we will escape damage?

  2. How was the fashion show? I was, unfortunately, unable to attend. I’ve asked around, but all the people I know who attended were backstage, so they didn’t really see anything.

  3. Linea – I’ll look out for those pix, now I know your daughters.