Epiphany –this is the season


I got a call this morning, not so early as to wake me up but early enough to miss answering the phone before the third ring.  I then had to call back since I wondered what was going on that he needed to call so early.


There was a mundane reason.  He wanted someone’s phone number, someone who will be making a trip out to Africa soon.  


Then he told me of his epiphany.


He has realized that God sets him free.  He has realized that he does not have to bear the burdens of life for everyone in his family.  He has realized that yeah, his father really does love him – a lot.  There are a lot of things he is all of a sudden realizing – not that he didn’t “know” them but this is a deeper knowledge that is only earned through an encounter with God.


He wanted to tell someone.  He knows I pray for him, not just once in awhile but daily.  He wanted me to know.


I have no words for the feeling I have but it is there trying to bubble out.

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