St. Theresa of Avila on Prayer

In her book Interior Castle, Teresa of Avila describes various stages in the prayer life of a person who is seeking God.  As her life of prayer develops; as she comes closer to the state of union with God, nothing becomes more important than doing God’s will.  It becomes the chief desire.  She describes the state of such a person as similar to the state of sealing wax. 


“In reality, the soul in that state does no more than the wax when a seal is impressed upon it – the wax does not impress itself; it is only prepared for the impress; that is, it is soft – and it does not even soften itself so as to be prepared; it merely remains quiet and consenting.” 


I like that analogy.  Being soft.  Being pliable.  Being ready for God to put his imprint on us.  Nothing we do or have to do except be available; “remaining quiet and consenting.”


“Oh, goodness of God, that all this should be done at Thy cost!  Thou dost require only our wills and dost ask that Thy wax may offer no impediment.” (Interior Castle p. 96)

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