Good as new

I think I spent a small fortune today for the privilege of parking at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon.  Maybe Patrick was just nervous but we were at the hospital a good 5 hours early.  A bit of misunderstanding and definitely not wanting to be late.  So I stayed with him a couple of hours.  Since he had a bed, he decided that he would catch a bit more sleep so I left to do some shopping.  I think I wasted about a half an hour of credit on the parking pass that time. 

I came back to the hospital so I would be there when he left for the operating room.  They wheeled him off at about 12:30 so I left again and again lost some of the time I had paid for. 

The next time I came back to see him when he got out of recovery thinking that this time I would not pay for so much extra parking.  They estimated that he would be an hour back in the day surgery area before he could leave.  It took him a good hour after I got there to even realize I was talking to him!  This time I had to run out a couple of times to buy more parking time but at least this time I used every minute of what I paid for.

Next time I will get the day pass.  It just seemed like 7 dollars was a bit steep.  I think I spent more than the all told. 

I’m glad it wasn’t 40 below.  Running back and forth between the car and the hospital would have been more unpleasant.  As it was, the temperature was pretty warm – slushy dirty wet snow. 

And I think the boy is feeling pretty good.  When he finally woke up they filled him up with good drugs and I filled him up with good food and drove back to PA.  First thing he did when we got home – raided the fridge.  Then dug into the pizza the other guys ordered.  His appetite has revived nicely!

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  1. Toni

    Glad the op went well.

    As for parking, we had a funny time getting Johanna last night. The airport short-term carpark is scary expensive and we got there early (like you should). Parked up, went in only to find her flight was delayed. Whipped straight back out to move the car to the ‘mid-term’ car park. Cost for 15 mins parking was £2.50 = about 6$ CAD.

    Drove to the mid term car park (off site, uses a bus) to find the tariff was £15 a day ($34 CAD). Drove back to the short term CP (as it’s walking distance from the terminal). In the end it was another $27 (£12) for 3 hours, but hey, she got here, right.

    The car is a ‘bad thing’ here and parking is seen as a legitimate soft target to milk.