Staff party

We always have a couple of parties at Christmas.  There is the sort of formal invite your spouse party that we have catered. 

This year that one happened back on the 9th.  We ate a great meal drank a fair amount of good stuff and then went glow bowling, where some of our illustrious staff members drank a little more good stuff.  The bowling seemed to deteriorate as we went along – scores that is.  The games did get funnier.

Tonight we had our wind-up staff party. 

Some of our staff did get wound- up.  We had a talent contest, of sorts.  I got a lovely shot of W. V. in a Sumo wrestling suit.  I may post pictures or maybe I will just keep them for blackmail later on.  If I post them I can never tell you her real name.  I just may post them!

We had a fun time – much laughter and lots of pizza.  Did the Chinese gift exchange thing.  I wonder how it came to be labeled as chinese?

Now here I am in Saskatoon.  Patrick has some surgery – a hernia repair tomorrow.  I will just be a mom anxiously waiting for him to come of of the anesthetic.  Prayers are always welcome.  And thanks.

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