Today at work

Hodgepodge – that sort of describes my day.  (and I think it is a cool word)

The day started out with a little tiny girl having her first fillings done.  What a trooper.  She was only three.  She wiggled a bit but we managed to send her out with a beautiful pink filling to match her pink pants, t-shirt and shoes.

Then a challenge.  A root had broken for the therapist and in the process there was a little opening into the sinus.  My time in Africa sure pays off.  I learned to deal with such things myself when they happened.  So a flap, some gentle elevation and once the little root tip was out, the area stitched up tight.  He was warned not to sneeze or blow his nose for the next week.  He had one simple little request – please not to prescribe an antibiotic that would interfere with him taking in a little Christmas spirits.  I said Ok as long as he did not fall too deeply under the influence and sneeze. 

Then a difficult and long root canal on a young lady who had the misfortune to have a molar with defective enamel – all brown and soft.  That and the fact that she missed her yearly check-up last year and voila – an abscessed tooth.  Christmas will be more fun without an aching tooth.

And to wind it all up – another little one – just as well  behaved as the first.

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