Weekend events

This weekend is busy as it seems most of my time is.  The kids come and go doing their thing.  I catch up on groceries and we do laundry.  Really exciting stuff!

This weekend Patrick was us to help cut up the deer that he and Eric shot a while ago.  I guess the idea is to hang it so it “ripens” or something.  It was pretty frozen with our – 25 degree weather of the past weeks so all available heaters were conscripted to thaw it out.  Yesterday and today were cutting and wrapping days. 

While Patrick was here we got the bad news that Canadian immigration has denied his father a visa to come and visit the boys at Christmas.  Very hard news for Patrick.  He misses his father a lot.  Hopefully Patrick will get Canadian citizenship soon so that he can then travel more easily to visit with his dad when he travels to the states or Europe.  The Canadian immigration decision is just so wrong – so unjust – so biased.  So maddening!  So when I told Patrick the news we were on our way to the bus depot and he decided to stick around for the day.  I’m glad he did ’cause we got to have a good talk before he took the bus back to Saskatoon this evening.

Now the house is quiet.  The other guys are out playing soccer and Sara just left for her game which starts at the ungodly hour of 11 pm.  Hope she gets enough sleep tonight.


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