"My" car

We seem to be in a perpetual state of car juggling.  That is my car is being shared by too many people that need to go in too many directions at once.  I think it  is Sara that uses it the most.  At least she has the courtesy to drop me off at work and pick me up.  And I get to use it some days and a few evenings – as long as I am home in time so the young lady can get to her soccer games on time. 

Oh well.  At least the car hardly gets time to cool down between uses.  Haven’t plugged it in yet.

We are ridiculously dependant on cars.  I need to get back out walking.  But the cold – and the slipperyness is a huge deterant.  So is my lazyness I guess.

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  1. As far as cars go, we’re struggling a bit too. The weather has been somewhat violent this week, and with my cold hanging on, I’ve not been cycling in so much. One car is still badly bruised and leaking from its deer encounter. The other has no heating and the internal mirror has just fallen off!

    Oh well, if the worst come to the worst I’ll just have to reinsure the Triumph and start using that again.